Why AncestryDNA® Is the Perfect Gift

18 June 2019
by Ancestry Team

It’s not easy to find a personal gift with the potential to surprise, delight, and expand the horizons of the recipient. An AncestryDNA® kit checks all those boxes. After sending in a saliva sample, your friends and family members can see what regions of the world their ancestors came from and connect with potential relatives using DNA matching. It can lead them to travel, meet new people, and learn about themselves. What other gift does that?

For Mums

Your mum deserves a gift as unique as she is. An AncestryDNA kit reveals that she is indeed one-of-a-kind. With just a bit of saliva, she’ll get an ethnicity estimate and a map showing the specific regions her ancestors came from. It’s a quick way for a busy mum to pause and reflect on who she is, taking a moment to herself for once. These discoveries can inspire her to take a trip to the homeland or try a new recipe. Doesn’t she always say that what she really wants is quality time with family? Bingo.

For Dads

Father’s Day is tricky: there are only so many golf shirts and historical biographies a man needs. You’ve given him loads of ties already. This September, skip the cliché gifts and give him something to talk about. After all, everyone at the family barbecue has heard him claim he’s got distant relatives in Ireland. With an AncestryDNA kit, he can prove it—and maybe even discover long-lost cousins in Dublin.

For Grads

Graduates often set out to find themselves, so why not give them a short cut? An AncestryDNA kit shows where they came from, offering an understanding of their past as they embark on the future. It puts their studies to work: biology majors can dig into their own complex genome, and historians can search public family trees to learn more about their family stories. Whatever their degree, graduates will learn that life is full of stories that never make it into textbooks.

For the Holidays

We all know people who are hard to shop for. There’s the uncle who has everything, the mum who’s downsizing, the jaded undergrad, or the friend you forgot to put on your list. An AncestryDNA kit is that rare thing: a meaningful last-minute gift. It doesn’t take up any shelf space, leads to self-discovery, and sparks new experiences and connections. With the ability to reveal unexpected details about your origins, it’s the ultimate surprise.

For Birthdays

Origin stories go deeper than the date and place of birth. As a day of reflection, birthdays are a natural time to learn about family heritage and consider who we really are. This year, celebrate what makes the birthday girl or boy special with a powerful tool of self-discovery. An AncestryDNA kit recognises that they’re more than the number of candles on a cake—and that you know better than to get them yet another knickknack. It promises a memorable start to the year.

What story will they unwrap? Give an AncestryDNA kit to the special people in your life.