Who’s More Irish?

by Ancestry

Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, a number of us in the Ancestry San Francisco office compared our AncestryDNA test results.

We were in some cases really surprised.

Take a look: Can you guess who’s more Irish*?

1. Who’s more Irish?

Answer: Tiffany. Tiffany is 18% Irish and Nate is 3% Irish.

2. Who’s more Irish? 

Answer: Austin. Austin is 17% Irish and Bryan is 3% Irish.

3. Who’s more Irish?

Answer: Ashley. Ashley is 8% Irish and Nico is 2% Irish.

4. Who’s more Irish? 

Answer: Liz. Liz is 34% Irish and Alexis is 24% Irish.

5. Who’s more Irish? 

Answer: Anis. Anis is 10% Irish and Justin is 3% Irish.

6. Who’s more Irish?

Answer: Both Justin and Bryan are 3% Irish.


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*Based on AncestryDNA assignment to the Ireland/Scotland/Wales region. To learn more about how an AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate works, take a look here.