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Our members have lots of great family stories to share and we love hearing about the discoveries you make on our site. One such member is Leonie who you may have seen on the Kerri-Anne show a few weeks ago.

Leonie discovered that she was adopted at age 21 after running away from home to join a band. When a friend of her mother revealed that she was adopted, Leonie was devastated, but set out to find her biological family.

Her adopted parents were upset and she abandoned the search for 26 years, until her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour in November 2010. Compelled to discover her roots, she used to build her family tree.

She was contacted by another Ancestry member Joan, who had searched for more than 20 years to find more information about her grandmother. Using, she noticed that some of the information on her family tree matched Leonie’s. They made contact with each other and after filling in some of the gaps, they realised that they were second cousins.

Leonie’s search led her to her biological mother, her two sisters, half-brother and a half sister. Having grown up as an only child, all Leonie wanted was to know she wasn’t alone. Now Leonie has met cousins, aunts, uncles and family members she never knew she had.

Click here to view Leonie’s interview with Kerri-Ann.

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