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Family merge is a great feature that we’ve had on the site for a number of years. This feature makes it easy to save family trees and certain census records to multiple people in your tree—without having to save the record separately for each person. However, the merge has had one particular limitation that we have now corrected.  In the past, the merge hasn’t let you control who the record gets saved to. If you were saving a record and someone was suggested as a “new person,” and you knew the person wasn’t new, there was no way to correctly match up the person in the record to the person in your tree. Now, the family merge has been upgraded to give you some control over who the record gets saved to.  


If the merge incorrectly suggests that a person is new or matches the record to the wrong person in your tree, you can choose the person that the record should be merged to.  

To try out this feature, I looked for my grandfather’s 1930 census record because I knew it would likely have additional family members.  When I got to the merge page, sure enough, I saw his parents and siblings included in the family portion of the page. As I scrolled down, I noticed a sibling named Wilber, who was listed as a “New person”.  I looked at the mini-tree at the top of the page to make sure Wilber was really a new person.  There wasn’t a Wilber, but I did have a William, who was born the same year.  Since my grandfather only had one brother, I knew Wilber was really William (who was known as Bill, which is apparently short for Wilber, not William. Oops.) 

I clicked the “Not a new person?” link to fix the merge.   


Once I clicked the “Not a new person?” link a window appeared. Wilber’s information was on the left and a list of all the children in my grandfather’s family were on the right.    


After selecting William from the list of individuals, I was able to select which individual facts I wanted to save from the record, such as the name Wilber.    


Another scenario you may come across is when two people with very similar names are incorrectly matched in the family record merge. If that happens, you can also select the “Not a match?” link and correctly match the right individual to the record.

In the 1930 census below, Jean Curry is listed as a match to Jen Curry. I knew that Jean is really Jeanette, who is already in my tree, so I selected the “Not a match?” link.


By selecting the link I was shown the same window as before that allowed me to choose the right Jean in my tree.   


After selecting Jeanette as the match for Jean, I was reassured that the record was now being saved to the correct person in my tree.  

I love that I now have some control over how people in records are matched to people in my family tree It’s been really great being able to merge a record to people that I previously would have had to skip over because they were either mismatched or incorrectly listed as “new.”  I hope this new addition to the record merging feature helps you as much as it has helped me.


  1. Spiderella181

    When are we going to get TRUE merging so we can get rid of duplicates with it taking hours of checking and moving info and the deleting?

  2. Hi, Thanks for the new merge. What I would really like to know is if there is a merge when I have somehow????put someone in twice. I deleted one and ended up deleting a whole lot of ancesters that didn’t need deleting. If I go into “List of all people” and I have duplicates, is there a way of merging them. Don’t know how I have done it but I have several. Hope this makes sense!!

  3. helen douglas

    The merge facility was working but now it isn’t working.
    In the “Match a Person to my Tree” page:
    I click on a tree that matches the people in my family, the dropdown list only shows that family in a list on the left. Where it is supposed to list my matching persons on the right, the right column is blank.
    In the past both lists showed.
    I haven’t got the “not a new person” option either. I have seen it when you first had it.
    Do you think something is not working in helping me load these things. i have been a full member for about 6 years so I know how to use it.
    Yours Helen

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