We listened to your feedback and we are updating our search pages (New Search only). We gathered input from members through many sources and consolidated your feedback. You asked for improved navigation, maps, shortcuts to your favourite data collections, easier access to recent searches and more browsing options. You can see screenshots of these new and updated features listed below.

Here’s what you will see:

New search homepage

The new search homepage will have updated navigation, maps, and access to both recent searches and recently viewed data collections.

Map on search homepage

You will be able to browse the data collections that are unique to or related to specific places.

Example of a place page

There will be thousands of new place pages for countries, states, territories, provinces and counties. For those of you who use old search, you may recognise that we have updated and improved the place pages you have seen in old search.

You can view the data collections Ancestry has for each location. For many locations you can find links to extra resources and a history of the important events that occurred in that place. Look for the “History” and “Resource” buttons.

Example of recent searches and recently viewed data collections

The new search homepage will provide access to your recent searches and to a new page that contains a list of the data collection homepages that you mostly recently visited. These features will be displayed on the new search homepage after you do a search or after you visit a data collection homepage.

Please note: Old search will not be updated; these changes only apply to new search. If your search page does not look like the pictures in this blog post, you may be using old search. You can switch to new search by clicking on the “new search” link at the top right corner of the search homepage.

We hope you enjoy using these new search pages and that you find navigating Ancestry.com.au has improved.

Take a tour of the recent and upcoming changes to Ancestry.com.au search

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